Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a platform that allows gig goers a chance to buy and sell tickets at reasonable prices. We are determined to ‘out the tout’ with our price caps on tickets. We provide you with a safe environment to sell tickets that you may not be able to use any more, or to finally get to see that band, and this time you don’t have to pay over the odds to a tout!
What do the price caps on SeatSurfer mean?
Our price caps mean that sellers can only list tickets for a price that is up to 50% above face value (the price sold for on primary ticket sites like Ticketmaster). This is in place to stop real fans being taken advantage of by touts who buy tickets to sell on at ridiculous prices and fill their pockets.
How do I accept/make offers on SeatSurfer?
When you are selling tickets you can check a box to accept offers, this means that buyer’s will be able to send you an offer for a lower price than you listed them for. We will then email you to notify you that an offer has been made. You can then accept of decline this offer by clicking the links in the email, or logging into your account and clicking on 'offers received'.
How do I message my seller/buyer?
To message your seller, log in to your account, click on 'purchases', and then click details. You will then see the inbuilt chat box to send a message. To message your buyer, follow the same steps but clicking on 'sales' instead.
When I try to buy/sell tickets it takes me to a sign up screen?
You need an account to buy or sell tickets on SeatSurfer. This is because if you are seller, we need details for you to receive payment, also both buyer and seller need an account so you can communicate on the built in chat.
I bought my ticket for more than face value, why can I not sell it for the same price on SeatSurfer?
You can sell tickets for a price that is up to 50% more than the face value of your ticket, this is consistent across all events and there are no exceptions to this policy.
How does SeatSurfer make sure tickets are never sold for more than 50% over face value?
We have a database full of ticket details for all events we have listed on out site. We work around the clock to make sure all details are correct and the face value is correct to each section for every gig.
What fee’s will I incur as a seller?
Seller’s do not pay a penny to sell on SeatSurfer! Unlike other ticket sites, we appreciate that without sellers, we have no products, and so to thank you for coming to SeatSurfer, you can list, and sell your tickets totally free. Even when your tickets sell, you don’t pay a fee to us, it is totally free. The money is in your PayPal account instantly!
What if I have sold tickets I can no longer provide?
When selling on SeatSurfer, we strongly advise that you do not sell elsewhere. If you do sell your tickets elsewhere please ensure you delete your listing on SeatSurfer as soon as possible to avoid disappointment for your buyer. Seller's who fail to provide tickets they have sold on SeatSurfer will incur a fee amounting to 20% of the total sale amount.
What fee’s will I incur as a buyer?
Buyer’s pay a 10% booking fee upon checkout, this is for the maintaining of the site. This is still the cheapest fee across all ticket sites!
What payment methods can I use?
We currently allow buyer’s and seller’s to use PayPal, this is to keep all transactions safe on SeatSurfer. PayPal offers additional protection. Buyer’s do not have to have a PayPal account to use PayPal, you can check out as a guest and still get the confirmation email from PayPal.
When will I be paid for my sale?
SeatSurfer holds payment for the tickets until 3-5 working days after the event. This is to ensure that both parties are protected. Once the event has passed, payment will be made into the PayPal account you have on file with us.
When will I receive my tickets?
When you make a purchase on SeatSurfer, your seller is notified, and they are asked to send the tickets  via Royal Mail 1st class signed for. Tickets are sometimes not sent out from the promoter until nearer the time, so please be patient when waiting for your seller to send your tickets. If you want an update, you can always go to your purchase and send your seller a quick message to see when they expect to ship.
Do I need a PayPal account to join?
Sellers, Yes. You need a PayPal account to receive the money from sales.

Buyers, No. You can check out as a guest through PayPal and will still receive the cover PayPal protects you with.
What if an event is cancelled or postponed?
If an event is cancelled, it is then the duty of the seller to refund the buyer the full sale amount. SeatSurfer will contact both parties to notify and arrange the refund. If an event is postponed, the sale still stands, if the buyer can no longer go, we suggest listing the tickets on SeatSurfer to sell them on again to someone else who can make the new date.
How do I know I haven’t sold my tickets to a tout?
We are monitoring member’s activity for suspicious behaviour and if we believe someone is a tout either by the volume of tickets sold or bought, their social media or other, we will block them from using the service.